Manual and automatic boom arm barriers

With a boom arm barrier, you regulate access to certain areas such as: private areas, parking garages, parking lots, campgrounds, harbors and more. In addition, boom arm barriers are useful for regulating and distributing traffic flows on public roads or for exiting a company or commercial site.

The various configurations are extensive and are built to suit your specific situation. Our automatic boom barriers are compatible with various automation systems. This allows the boom arm barrier to open automatically, or gives you the option of opening the barrier remotely. Our barriers have an arm length of up to 15m. Depending on the arm length, the opening speed can be selected.

Endless possibilities

When a boom barrier isn't frequently used, you can choose a manual boom barrier.

In some cases, when the space is limited (like in underground parkings), you can choose a boom barrier with a folding arm. In some cases, a horizontal boom barrier is also an option.

Would you like advice in making your choice? Contact us. Depending on your situation, we will help you choose the right type of arm barrier.